Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box 55L

$198.00 inc GST

A Multi-Purpose Camping Storage Box

Looking for a versatile, easy-to-clean storage box that can take a beating? Look no further than the Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box. This provides the perfect room, eye-catching design and functionality needed for your camp storage. Order your Heavy Duty Camping Storage Box today and rest easy knowing your belongings will be safe and sound.

The Ultimate Heavy Duty 4×4 Storage Box

This tough box is perfect for use in saltwater environments and can be tied down easily on the roof rack and accessed from all sides on your next camping trip – making it ideal for storing gear on boats, camper trailers, 4×4’s, pontoons, or the beach. Check out these heavy duty 4×4 storage boxes in action here.

The Perfect Equestrian Tack Box

This is easily your next portable tack box. Featuring easy-tie down handles and a nesting design that makes it easy to transport and store, but to also stand up on for mounting. Checkout our information on equestrian uses right here.

External Dimensions: (578mm L x 440mm W x 345mm H)
Internal Dimensions: (Tapers down to base)
Top: (501mm L x 381mm W x 288mm H)
Base: (497mm L x 356mm W x 288mm H)

Expedition 134 boxes are made from a special material to maximise UV stabilisation and impact resistance.

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Customer Reviews

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Heavy Duty Storage Box - Tier One storage solution

There is always an element of not being sure exactly what you will receive when making an online order without first having physically seen / touched the item being purchased. In this case I watched the promo videos and read online reviews. All seemed very positive about the Expedition 134 Storage Boxes. So I went ahead and ordered two.

On opening the package I was very impressed with the construction quality, size and colour of the boxes ordered. I would have to say they exceeded my expectations from what I had seen online. They are very very solid, definitely water and dust proof and will surely last many many years. I use Front Runner Wolf boxes regularly and thought these were pretty good. The Expedition 134 boxes however are next level. I'm about to order another two, they are that good. Well done to Expedition 134 for producing an excellent Australian made product.

Lisa O'Leary
Perfect camping boxes

We started with 2 and now have 5 of these boxes. They are exactly as described. Waterproof, dust proof and tough. Plus they look great.

Their customer service is great too and delivery is very quick.

I recommend them to everyone.

Excellent product!

Versatile and yet so durable and light-weight! Love the funky colors!
My Xpedition box lives in my ute!

These are brilliant!

I absolutely love these, I’ve just ordered another one tonight. Amazing value and they are certainly built for all weather conditions! Super spacey! Perfect for camping gear, beach gear, recovery gear… everything!
The colour choices also make it super easy to split your gear and know exactly what will be in each tub! #fordrangerettesofficial

Love it

This box is great, water and dust proof, kept my food dry when left out in heavy rain 👍 Macca was excellent to deal with and delivery was quick, I was lucky to get a special edition teal one 😍

Free Shipping - EAST COAST OF AUSTRALIA exc. Nth QLD - All Orders.

Tough all-in-one Expedition134 Storage Box

Orange with Lid
Australian Owned
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THE FIRST BOX You Can Tie Down and Still Open the Lid

Need a box you can tie down easily? The Expedition134 box has external tie-down points which means you can secure the box on your roof rack, ute, in your canopy or wagon, or on your boat while having easy access to your contents inside.

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TOUGH LID Loading up to 120kg

The unique injection moulding and design of the Expedition134 box saves on unnecessary weight. Allowing multiple other uses such as a step, seat or table.

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NO METAL No Rust + No Rattles

Expedition134 boxes contain no metal components, so nothing to rust or corrode in even the harshest environments.

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WEATHER SEAL Keep Your Gear Protected

Featuring a customised weather-proof seal and dedicated ridge design, your gear will be protected from dust, weather, insects, and rodents.

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LOCKABLE Safe and Secure

3 secure and lockable latches that provide easy protection against scavengers and won’t degrade over time. Simply attach a padlock in the dedicated space under the outer rim on each latch for greater security, where it won’t rub against gear or rattle on other metal.

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STACKABLE Easy & Stable Storage

Being stackable, the expedition134 box allows the user to lock one box on top of another as the top of the lid on one box interacts with the base of another.

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FOOD GRADE Safe Food Storage

Food grade material makes it great for storing supplies and staples for any trip.

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The original Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box 55L for the camping, touring, and expedition mob.

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What makes Expedition 134 the best?

The unique injection moulding and design mean the Expedition134 box saves on unnecessary weight while being exceptionally strong and durable with lid loading ratings up to 120kg. The Expedition134 box is a versatile storage box that is rust-proof and weatherproof. It features a customized seal and dedicated ridge design to form a weatherproof seal to keep your gear protected from dust, weather, insects, and rodents. Let’s face it no one likes a leaky box.

Expedition134 storage boxes contain no metal components so rust and corrosion from working in a saltwater environment is a thing of the past. No metal also means no annoying rattles inside your vehicle.

The Expedition134 box features a smooth interior floor and walls, and the design removed the need for any internal lip inside the box. This means you can simply hose your Expedition134 box out at the end of the trip and know any dirt or girt will easily be cleaned out. Moisture is easily dried out so you won’t end up with a mouldy box the next time you use it.

Being stackable, the Expedition134 box allows the user to lock one box on top of another as the top of the lid on one box interacts with the base of another. They can even interact like brickwork and won’t slide on top of each other.

Need a box you can tie down easily? The Expedition134 has external tie-down points which means you can secure the box on your roof rack, ute, in your canopy or wagon, or on your boat, while having easy access to your contents inside. Frustrations of having to untie your storage box just to get to the gear inside are no longer a concern.

When not in use the Expedition134 boxes can be nested inside each other allowing you to save space in your shed or home.

The Expedition134 box contains UV resistance and impact modifiers so our box is ready for a pounding by you or the sun.


When embarking on any 4WDing or camping trip, we always make sure we can rely upon those accompanying us and can trust them in any situation. The same applies for Expedition134 where we only partner with brands we trust. Brands that have proven their reliability, commitment to customers and quality of products.

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