Expedition134 Quick Release Straps

$119.90 inc GST

The Expedition 134 QR (Quick Release) Straps are the fit for purpose Australia manufactured strap designed to work specifically with our external tie down points on the Expedition 134 Camping storage box.

Our unique design of the straps stops the desire for you to over tighten the straps, but at the same time makes it a simple push of the clip to undo. No more fighting with ratchet straps that are a painful and often lead over tightening causing damage to gear.

We use double J hooks at both ends in the updated version. The short end of the strap is used to secure to the Expedition134 box dedicated tie down points while the adjustable end ‘Double J’ is used to secure to your platform.

The updated design has reduced weight from the straps and allows for greater flexibility in length both for short and long tie off points.

  • Maximum strap Length of 52cm (always allow enough length to get around the tie off points).

The Expedition134 QR Straps are uses Australian manufactured seat belt webbing and thread for sewing while incorporating a New Zealand manufactured clip to allow for quick release of the straps when needed.

With a load rating of 150kg each strap is more than capable of securing your Expedition134 4wd Storage Box.

We have ensured the webbing and stitching used is UV resistant so the strap and stitching will not fray and deteriorate in the sun and heat.

The Expedition134 QR Straps come in a set of four and reusable calico bag for easy packing and security.

We manufacture these on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Fildes
Good product but...

Overall these are a well made product and they have kept one of my 2 expedition134 boxes secure on my pioneer roof rack, but I would like to see a lighter version of the strap where the very large and 'heavy' 'S' hook at one end is replaced with the same lighter 'Ancra' type heavy-duty web/strap hook that is used on the other end (so same at both ends). It is always difficult managing load weights on your roof, particularly when a 1.5 ratio might be applied for off-road work (brings a 100kg roof capacity down to 66kg) - every accessory, however minor, adds more weight. Replacing the 4 x 'S' hooks for smaller lighter (but 'equally' strong) strap hooks may even bring the price down to something more competitive with other alternatives. Again, the straps have worked well for me but I am using only one set for one expedition134 box while I am using an alternative lighter strap system for my second expedition box in order to manage my roof load weights. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Regards Steve

G'day Stephen,
Thank you for your feedback. I have taken this onboard and our new straps are signifcantly lighter per set. Now weighing 520grams for the set. The old style chunky 'S' hook has been replaced with a double 'J' hook to significantly reduce weight. This has also allowed for more flexibility in the length adjustment in particular for people looking to tie their Expedition 134 Camping storage box off to a short tie down point. You can see the new improved Expedition 134 Quick Release straps at https://expedition134.com/product/expedition134-quick-release-straps/
Once again I appreciate the feedback.

Aiden Frost
Good product

The straps are great so far. Can’t speak to off-road use yet but I’m pretty confident they will be great. Good length, quality buckles and easy to adjust

Alec Conway
Quality product! Fit for purpose. Little bit $$

Very happy with the quality and design of this product, it’s built for purpose. The only thing preventing the 5th star was the price I had to pay.

Expedition134 boxes

Awesome !!!!