Innovative Ute Tool Box for Tradies

Why The Expedition134 Is The Best Tradie Tool Box in Australia

The Expedition134 is a heavy duty tool box that’s 100% Aussie made and owned. We know what it takes to make a tough and durable tradie tool box that will protect your tools and gear through rain, dust, hail, saltwater and that harsh Australian sun. The Expedition134 is also a fraction of the cost of traditional tradesman tool boxes, saving you more money to spend on tools and supplies.

Guided by Australian tradesmen, we’ve included crucial features to ensure this is one of the best ute tool boxes. These “you-beut” features include state-of-the-art injection moulding to enhance strength while reducing weight. We’ve also included locking points underneath each latch, weatherproofing, easy-access tie-down points and seamless stacking. To put it simply, we’ve created one of the most affordable, durable and convenient tool boxes in Australia.

Charcoal with Lid

The Expedition134 storage box is a weatherproof tool box with a custom seal design that protects your tools and equipment from dust, weather, insects and other elements. Unlike other tool boxes, it has no metal parts so it won’t rust or corrode in harsh environments or from saltwater spray.

This is a lockable tool box with multiple latches to secure the lid. We’ve also allowed for padlocks to be attached under the outer rim to stop the padlocks from rattling or rubbing against other gear you carry next to the box or scratching your vehicle.

It’s one of the most stackable tool boxes on the market. The lid of one box interlocks seamlessly into the base of another box. This way you can stack multiple Expedition134 tool boxes without worrying about them shifting around or toppling over.

The external tie-down points make the Expedition134 one of the most convenient ute tool boxes around. You can secure the tradie tool box to your ute while still easily opening and closing the lid to access your gear. We also have unique quick-release tie-down straps to secure your Expedition134 storage boxes when on the move. 

You can also remove the straps if you want to take the tool box with you to your site. The lightweight design makes it a great portable tool box.  

The Expedition134 tradesman tool box also comes in different colours. This allows you to colour-code your tools and equipment and identify which box you require at a glance.

Why Tradies Call The Expedition134 Australia’s Best Truck Tool Box

  • Tough, durable and lightweight
  • Stackable and lockable
  • Multiple colour choices for colour-coded storage and easy identification of gear
  • Easy to clean out
  • Flat internal floor for ease of packing
  • Weatherproof seals protect your expensive tools from the elements
  • No metal parts to rust in harsh or corrosive environments
  • No water pooling on the lid
  • Innovative tie-down points allow you to access gear when box is tied down
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional tradie tool boxes
  • Comes with a two-year warranty and all fully replaceable parts


Expedition134 was established in 2015 by Ben Kincade and Nic McKenzie, from a breakdown in the Simpson Desert. From this, an idea spawned, and we developed the Expedition134 storage boxes and quick release straps with more ideas in the pipeline. 2021 commences a new chapter for Expedition134 with Nic and his wife Kari continuing on the business.

As proud Aussies we make our gear right here in Australia and go out of our way to support other small Aussie businesses as well. Our Expedition134 storage boxes are made on the Sunshine Coast, and our unique, quick-release straps are custom made in the small rural Queensland town of Mareeba. Accompanying our own products are what we consider to be other quality made gear that we have used and proven ourselves. As we find more items that we love, this range may expand even further in the future.

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