Ultimate Camp Kitchen Gear List

Let’s not beat about the bush. A camp kitchen can make or break your campsite and camping holiday. Most people want three meals a day, which makes a well-equipped camping kitchen extremely useful. 


Preparing a camp kitchen can be very daunting, especially for beginners. That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate camp kitchen gear list so you don’t miss anything. 


1. Camp Kitchen Box


Food and utensils need special protection while driving to the campsite and after setting up. A reliable camp kitchen box like the Expedition 134 ensures your gear stays dry and protected. The storage box is also lockable, which is ideal for keeping your food safe from hungry wildlife.

camp kitchen gear

2. Cooking Utensils


You cannot cook without a few basic utensils. Of course, you cannot plan for a five-course meal, but you should bring at least the following: 


  • Cooking spoons
  • Spatula
  • Bottle opener and tin opener (or a multi-purpose pocket knife)
  • Colander
  • Cheese grater
  • Tongs
  • Slotted spoon
  • A decent sharp knife
  • Chopping boards


Don’t sacrifice your usual cooking gear. Often older gear you have collected over the years work well as your camping cook set.


3. Oven Gloves


Having access to a decent set of gloves is very handy for camp cooking whether its straight on the fire or using a cooktop. Makes things easier when out bush.

4. Camp Cooktop


There is no camp kitchen without a cooktop. Many require fuel which need to be catered for and fuel based ones tend to be the most reasonably priced. With the continual improvements in 12 volt options especially lithium and inverters, the use of induction hot plates are a very real option when out bush. They cost a lot more to setup of course. We are biased at Expedition 134 and are big fans of cooking on the fire.

camp cooktop

5. Enamel Dinnerware


You should leave no traces of your stay in the middle of nature. Reusable plates and dishes is a must. Interested in some clever designs to save space and make packing easy check out https://wandspro.com/ for some fantastic clip together crockery ranges.


6. Cast Iron Cookware


Cast iron is strong, reliable and effective. It is must have option for those that want to cook on the coals. A camp oven is a great start for your collection. From roasts, stews and pizzas there are wide range of meals which can be prepared in the camp oven.


7. Foldable Container and Water for Cleaning


Among the must-have camp kitchen storage items is a foldable water container. You cannot rely on finding a water source at most campsites, so you have to bring it with you. Once the container is empty, you can fold it down and save space.

camping gears

8. Rubbish Bags


All rubbish should go in a rubbish bag – another essential item on the camp kitchen gear list. Be especially careful to secure your rubbish to ensure animals can’t easily get into it. 

9. Reusable Food Containers


Bring as many reusable camping kitchen storage containers as necessary for all food items and seasonings. You know best how much food you will need during the trip, so pack it properly.


Finally, remember that after you’ve packed up your camp kitchen, there should be no sign left at the campsite that you spent time there. Nature is as beautiful as we strive to keep it!


10. 12V Fridge


If you’re only camping for the weekend, you might get away with an Esky and some bags of ice. But if you want to venture off for long camping trips, a 12-volt fridge makes those trips very convenient. These beauties are a lifesaver when it comes to enjoying cold beers, fresh meat, cold milk in your cereal and chocolate. You can even store any extra fillets of all the fish you catch a long the way.