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Born from adventure, Expedition 134 was founded in 2015 after a breakdown in the Simpson Desert led Nic McKenzie and Ben Kincade to an idea. As seasoned travellers and off-roaders, Nic and Ben wanted a storage box that could stand up to whatever their adventures threw at them, while also offering a lightweight and practical solution to transporting their gear through some of Australia’s toughest terrain.


Over the next two years, the pair worked tirelessly with CAD designers, 3D printers and injection moulders to bring the idea to life and create a storage box that met their expectations. By October 2018, what had until that point been called the Expedition Box was ready to launch under a new name: Expedition 134. The ‘134’ came to Nic during his honeymoon in the Red Centre with his wife Kari, and represents the first three digits of longitude of the Lambert Centre of Australia – the continent’s geographical middle point, and a fitting spiritual home for the brand.


Since 2018, the range of storage boxes and quick-release tie-down straps have become a popular and widely praised addition to the camping and 4WD industry, with adventurers and professionals across Australia celebrating their durability, versatility and performance in some of the country’s most challenging environments.


In late 2020, damage to one of our injection moulding components forced Expedition 134 onto the sidelines for 9 months while it underwent repair. During this time, we overhauled our branding and added a new range of colours, while also updating our materials to ensure that all future Expedition 134 storage boxes would be food grade. Throughout this experience, we received tremendous support from our loyal customer base, and it is something that we will forever be grateful for.


Today, Expedition134 remains a family business owned and operated by Nic and his wife Kari, with Ben selling his share in early 2021. Proudly Australian-made, we go out of our way to support local businesses, with all Expedition 134 storage boxes manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, and our quick-release straps custom-made in the rural Queensland town of Mareeba.

When they’re not at work, Nic and Kari can be found throughout Far North Queensland, exploring the wilderness they love and pushing their products to the edge in the search of adventure.

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