Heavy-Duty Storage Tub and Tie-Down Straps Bundle

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Plastic Storage Box 55L

Our flagship product, the Expedition 134 Plastic Storage Box 55L was born from years of adventure. Made in Australia from food-grade, UV-resistant, injection-moulded plastic, the Plastic Storage Box 55L is weather-proof, dust-proof, and designed to keep your gear safe and dry in Australia's toughest conditions.

Featuring a lockable lid with metal-free hinges and external tie-down points, this box is the ultimate solution to all of your storage needs. Weight-rated to 120kg and with a unique moulded lid designed to interlock with its base, the Plastic Storage Box 55L can be stacked securely without risk of damage.

With six colour options for both the lid and body, it's easy to colour-code your storage so you always know what's in every box without having to look inside. Perfect for storing and transporting camping, 4x4 or equestrian gear, upgrade your setup today and ensure your gear remains protected, whatever the weather, with Expedition 134 plastic storage boxes.

Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps

Custom-made for Expedition 134, our Quick Release Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps are the ultimate way to secure your Expedition 134 Heavy-Duty Storage Boxes to the roof or tray of your vehicle. Made in Australia, these Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps are designed to hook onto the external tie-down points of our Heavy-Duty Storage Boxes, keeping them in place while still allowing you to access their contents.

Constructed from a durable, UV-resistant Australian-made seatbelt webbing with a New Zealand-made quick-release clip, the Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps feature a rugged double J-hooks at each end. Simply attach the short end of the tie-down strap to your Expedition 134 storage box, hook the long end to your mounting point, and adjust the strap to the desired tightness, with a simple push of the clip all that is required to release them.

With a 150kg load rating, you can rest assured that these Heavy-Duty Tie-Down straps will keep your gear secure. Each set comes with four tie-down straps and a reusable calico bag for secure storage when they're not in use.

Get yours today and secure your gear with Expedition 134!

External Dimensions: (578mm L x 440mm W x 345mm H)
Internal Dimensions: (Tapers down to base)
Top: (501mm L x 381mm W x 288mm H)
Base: (497mm L x 356mm W x 288mm H)

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1 x Expedition134 Boxes - $198.00 1 x Expediton134 Quick Release Straps - $119.90 Total: $317.90

If you want to equip yourself for adventure from the get-go, this Heavy-Duty Storage Tub and Tie-Down Straps Bundle is the perfect way to do so. Containing an Expedition 134 Plastic Storage Box 55L and a set of four Quick Release Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps, this bundle has everything you need to keep your gear safe, secure and protected from the elements during your travels.

Made from injection-moulded, UV-resistant plastic, the dust and weather-proof Plastic Storage Tub 55L keeps out the worst of the weather, while the durable and easily adjustable Quick Release Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps allow you to securely attach the Storage Tub to your roof racks while still being able to access its contents. Well-suited to a range of applications including the storage and transport of camping, 4x4, mining or equestrian gear, upgrade your setup with one simple click and get ready for adventure with our Heavy Duty Storage Tub and Tie-Down Straps Bundle!

Customer Reviews

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Great kit

Great Aussie made storage and straps!

Seainin finnegan
Fantastic product

I just took this to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville - lots of dust around but none got into this fantastic product. I am just about to order a few more. Lots of room, strong and study but light enough for me to get it onto the roof rack on my own and it is lockable. Added bonus that it comes in Pink!! You will not be disappointed with this product.

Darren Duncan
Great products

My first purchase was one box and set of straps.
I couldn't be happier supporting an Australian manufacturer who provides high quality design and materials to make an excellent product.
Very impressed with the product and will be expanding my collection and spreading the word.

Birgit Klopf

Like mine,but didnt get the straps.

wazza nottage

Great product ,strong and sturdy no problems with order or delivery. Highly recommend this product