Quad Bike Storage Boxes

Transform Your Riding Experience with an Expedition 134 Quad Bike Storage Box

Quad bikes are an invaluable tool on any farm and our quad bike storage boxes are the ultimate accessory to help you make the most of your work day. Rugged and robust, the Expedition 134 storage box is built for a life of hard work and is designed to keep your tools and equipment protected against the elements so you can focus on the task at hand.


Maintaining Your Expedition 134 Quad Bike Storage Box

To ensure that your Expedition 134 quad bike storage boxes remain work-ready for as long as possible, it’s good to give them a little care from time to time. Make sure you clean around the seals to prevent dust and debris from building up and interfering with their weatherproof performance and store them out of direct sunlight when they’re not in use.

When transporting your boxes on your quad bike or vehicle, you want your straps to be taut but not overly tight, as you run the risk of weakening the boxes over time.

Why Expedition 134 is Australia’s Best Option When It Comes to Quad Bike Storage Boxes

  • Roomy Interior: Ample storage ensures all of your tools, materials and equipment fit perfectly.
  • Effortless Organization: Arrange your gear effortlessly – with the six colour choices, organising and identifying the contents of your quad bike storage boxes has never been easier.
  • Sturdy and Safe: Equipped with tough clasps and built-in padlock loops, our boxes guarantee that your items stay protected and unharmed at all times.
  • Resistant to the Elements: Made with UV-stabilised plastic weatherproof rubber seals, our boxes can withstand any weather that you find yourself in.
  • No Water Collection: Smartly designed lids avoid any water pooling, a frequent problem that you’ll find with other storage boxes.
  • Versatile Top: With an impressive 120kg weight rating, the lid on an Expedition 134 storage box allows you to use it as a handy step or spare seat.
  • Hassle-free Stacking: With an ingenious lid that interlocks with the base, our boxes are easy to stack and guaranteed to stay where they are.
  • Easy Reach: Our unique tie-down fastening spots enable you to open up your boxes without having to remove and reattach your straps.
  • Swift Cleanup: A ribless and lipless interior means nothing will ever get trapped when you’re cleaning out your boxes.

The Expedition 134 storage box isn’t just any storage container, it’s the only quad bike storage box designed to withstand the demands of Australian working life. Tough and functional, guarantee the security of your belongings and ensure the success of your work day with Expedition 134.