True North Adventures Give Eight Reasons to Grab the Expedition 134 Camping Storage Box

Expedition134 Box Review by Paul

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Expedition134 Box Review by Australian Bushman Jamie Hazeldon

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Great storage boxes.

I purchased 3 of these boxes . They are a fantastic product. I love the ability to be able to strap them together thus preventing issues with the boxes moving around or falling over in my truck.
They were delivered very promptly. Thanks guys.

Great Camping storage box

Very impressed with this camping storage box. This is my 4th one. Designed well and I have been using my originals since 2019. Australian made and owned, so happy to support an Australian business with a great product.

This is the best ever storage/camping box

I have purchased a couple of times. Dealing with Expedition134 is easy. Dispatch and delivery is very fast. These boxes are STRONG, great seals and are lightweight for their size. You will not be disapointed!

Box Bundle
Expedition 134 Storage Boxes

I bought 3 of these for the camper trailer 3 years ago loved them that much I bought 3 more. They are tough, strong and make great seats. Perfect for reaching to on top of my canopy. Brilliant product, highly recommended!
Thanks guys.

Work storage

Sensational storage option for my work gear in the Ute, keeps all my gear organised and out of the elements

Great kit

Great Aussie made storage and straps!

Smart man only buys once

I really got sick of buying cheap boxes or tubs and having them break on me. I’ve been off-roading for 40 years and I would hate to think how much money I’ve spend on cheap rubbish over the years. I wish I had a found these years ago. These boxes are great you can sit on them stand on them, I put one in my dog box when I went to the cape to really push it to its limits with dust rain, mud corrugations ****, I even didn’t tie it down for awhile and guess what nothing happened. It was dry inside the box itself, stood up to the punishment , I’ll definitely be getting more of these boxes. Thank you expedition 134 coming up with a great product light but strong Five. Stars for me.

You get what you pay for

Great sturdy box

Storage box x3

Super strong and a great addition to a norweld canopy

Xmas travels

Received mine just prior to Xmas They where so handy as we where camping to transport all sorts of consumables and presents 🎁 Cheers

The best

Good size, really easy to stack, seem really sturdy. Love the tie down points but can still open the box.

Great Product

How good are these boxes.
They fit perfectly in my canopy, lock in when stacked. Easy to remove and put in the boat. Great service and delivery was fast

Great Quality Boxs

Fantastic service. Macka sorted out any issues and got the boxes here asap! Great job guys. I have 8 now!

Awesome storage

Dealing with Expedition134 is easy and the guys are extremely helpful. Dispatch and delivery were fast. These boxes are STRONG, have the best seals on the market and are lightweight for their size. Seriously, you just can’t buy better!

Need to box for life

These are the best boxes I have used, strong, easy to handle, makes a good step and the colours match the ute.

Buying box #12 was never in doubt

Choosing to buy my 12th Expedition134 box was never in doubt in my thoughts! I now own 10 of these, I’ve bought and given away 3 Turquoise boxes as gifts and I’m extremely lucky enough to have received one as a gift 🎁

Tough no matter what I put them through, love how they strap down so I can still open the lid and colour coding helps me know what’s in each one!

All my designing and planning centres around these boxes, they are essential to my truck and trailer set ups 👏

Will there be more 🤔 Highly likely 🙌

G'day Kate,

Thanks so much for taking the time to put in a review. Appreciate your support to my business and it is so pleasing to see the Expedition 134 camping boxes being used for your 4wd and camper trailer set ups.



Good sturdy camping box

Previous I've had cheaper storage boxes that never stood the test of time. I initially thought the box was a bit pricey but when it arrived I could see this is a storage box that I'll have for a very long time. You can sit on it, stand on it, and it's water & dust prove; solid latches as well. Definitely buying another one.

Love them

Great size for me to lift in and out of my Ute. They stack so neatly and don’t move around. Well worth what I spent and can see I will be using them for a very long time

Plastic Storage Box 55L
John Rerynolds
Multiple Use camping storage box

Great seal and very sturdy. Useful as a step to reach higher areas

Amazing product

Super quick dispatch and delivery 📦
Quality product
Amazing customer experience 😊

Heavy Duty Storage Box - Tier One storage solution

There is always an element of not being sure exactly what you will receive when making an online order without first having physically seen / touched the item being purchased. In this case I watched the promo videos and read online reviews. All seemed very positive about the Expedition 134 Storage Boxes. So I went ahead and ordered two.

On opening the package I was very impressed with the construction quality, size and colour of the boxes ordered. I would have to say they exceeded my expectations from what I had seen online. They are very very solid, definitely water and dust proof and will surely last many many years. I use Front Runner Wolf boxes regularly and thought these were pretty good. The Expedition 134 boxes however are next level. I'm about to order another two, they are that good. Well done to Expedition 134 for producing an excellent Australian made product.

Excellent camping Box great colour!

Very sturdy and great size. Perfect for camp kitchen box. Would be great if there was an optional caddy tray to sit in the box for smaller items.

Box Bundle
Tanya Moon
Expedition 134 Storage Box triple bundle

Although I haven't taken these out into the bush yet, I'm very happy with their solid construction and the amount of room inside each box

Good product but...

Overall these are a well made product and they have kept one of my 2 expedition134 boxes secure on my pioneer roof rack, but I would like to see a lighter version of the strap where the very large and 'heavy' 'S' hook at one end is replaced with the same lighter 'Ancra' type heavy-duty web/strap hook that is used on the other end (so same at both ends). It is always difficult managing load weights on your roof, particularly when a 1.5 ratio might be applied for off-road work (brings a 100kg roof capacity down to 66kg) - every accessory, however minor, adds more weight. Replacing the 4 x 'S' hooks for smaller lighter (but 'equally' strong) strap hooks may even bring the price down to something more competitive with other alternatives. Again, the straps have worked well for me but I am using only one set for one expedition134 box while I am using an alternative lighter strap system for my second expedition box in order to manage my roof load weights. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Regards Steve

G'day Stephen,
Thank you for your feedback. I have taken this onboard and our new straps are signifcantly lighter per set. Now weighing 520grams for the set. The old style chunky 'S' hook has been replaced with a double 'J' hook to significantly reduce weight. This has also allowed for more flexibility in the length adjustment in particular for people looking to tie their Expedition 134 Camping storage box off to a short tie down point. You can see the new improved Expedition 134 Quick Release straps at
Once again I appreciate the feedback.

Perfect camping boxes

We started with 2 and now have 5 of these boxes. They are exactly as described. Waterproof, dust proof and tough. Plus they look great.

Their customer service is great too and delivery is very quick.

I recommend them to everyone.