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Expedition134 Box Review by Australian Bushman Jamie Hazeldon

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Amazing product

Super quick dispatch and delivery 📦
Quality product
Amazing customer experience 😊

Heavy Duty Storage Box - Tier One storage solution

There is always an element of not being sure exactly what you will receive when making an online order without first having physically seen / touched the item being purchased. In this case I watched the promo videos and read online reviews. All seemed very positive about the Expedition 134 Storage Boxes. So I went ahead and ordered two.

On opening the package I was very impressed with the construction quality, size and colour of the boxes ordered. I would have to say they exceeded my expectations from what I had seen online. They are very very solid, definitely water and dust proof and will surely last many many years. I use Front Runner Wolf boxes regularly and thought these were pretty good. The Expedition 134 boxes however are next level. I'm about to order another two, they are that good. Well done to Expedition 134 for producing an excellent Australian made product.

Excellent product great colour!

Very sturdy and great size. Perfect for camp kitchen box. Would be great if there was an optional caddy tray to sit in the box for smaller items.

Expedition triple pack

Although I haven't taken these out into the bush yet, I'm very happy with their solid construction and the amount of room inside each box

Good product but...

Overall these are a well made product and they have kept one of my 2 expedition134 boxes secure on my pioneer roof rack, but I would like to see a lighter version of the strap where the very large and 'heavy' 'S' hook at one end is replaced with the same lighter 'Ancra' type heavy-duty web/strap hook that is used on the other end (so same at both ends). It is always difficult managing load weights on your roof, particularly when a 1.5 ratio might be applied for off-road work (brings a 100kg roof capacity down to 66kg) - every accessory, however minor, adds more weight. Replacing the 4 x 'S' hooks for smaller lighter (but 'equally' strong) strap hooks may even bring the price down to something more competitive with other alternatives. Again, the straps have worked well for me but I am using only one set for one expedition134 box while I am using an alternative lighter strap system for my second expedition box in order to manage my roof load weights. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Regards Steve

G'day Stephen,
Thank you for your feedback. I have taken this onboard and our new straps are signifcantly lighter per set. Now weighing 520grams for the set. The old style chunky 'S' hook has been replaced with a double 'J' hook to significantly reduce weight. This has also allowed for more flexibility in the length adjustment in particular for people looking to tie their Expedition 134 Camping storage box off to a short tie down point. You can see the new improved Expedition 134 Quick Release straps at
Once again I appreciate the feedback.

Perfect camping boxes

We started with 2 and now have 5 of these boxes. They are exactly as described. Waterproof, dust proof and tough. Plus they look great.

Their customer service is great too and delivery is very quick.

I recommend them to everyone.


Excellent quality product! Functional and durable. Small modification to the clips would allow ease of use to all customers.

Excellent product!

Versatile and yet so durable and light-weight! Love the funky colors!
My Xpedition box lives in my ute!

These are brilliant!

I absolutely love these, I’ve just ordered another one tonight. Amazing value and they are certainly built for all weather conditions! Super spacey! Perfect for camping gear, beach gear, recovery gear… everything!
The colour choices also make it super easy to split your gear and know exactly what will be in each tub! #fordrangerettesofficial

Love it

This box is great, water and dust proof, kept my food dry when left out in heavy rain 👍 Macca was excellent to deal with and delivery was quick, I was lucky to get a special edition teal one 😍

Had to get a second box!

Just love these boxes! One isn't enough! One doubles as a step into my canopy with my camp items to keep dry.. the other is for food! Well worth the money!

Love these so much

I bought these tubs after hearing so many excellent reviews. Now that I have my own I am happy to confirm they have lived up to everyone of those reviews and so much more. So many things to love about them! They are dust proof and can be strapped to roof racks or left in the tub of a ute rain or shine. I’m short so I love that I can stand on them to pack up my roof top tent! Right now they have all my recovery gear in them so I’m ready to go 4WDing anytime I want

Very strong

So many handy features in this box, very tough, lockable and I love how it can still be accessed when strapped down.
Will definitely keep wildlife out of the food when camping

Excellent Quality

Bought two recently and impressed by the quality of the boxes! Super fast delivery to NT. Love to support good quality Australian companies.

Versatile, lightweight and sturdy! Your 4x4 & camping game changer

While I have only just received my Turquoise expedition box I am absolutely blown away by its high quality!!
It is surprisingly light weight it is extremely sturdy. I have already bought a 2nd one! the shipping was tracked and super fast which was even better!
This product is an absolute game changer to our camping setup. The quality of the seals and lid clips are phenomenal.
Highly recommend spending the money on this quality Aussie made product. you cant go wrong!

Totally recommend

Totally recommend these wicked boxes!! An absolute must for your set up. Durable and so many colours to choose from, and super fast delivery. From a Ford Rangerettes Official chick! Thank you!!!

5 stars

I have 2 expedition 134 boxes and take them away with me every time. From the outback to Kgari, they have not let me down!! So very strong and well designed. I have found them to be dust, water and dingo proof!! Money well spent!! They are stackabke and I love that they can be tied down securely and I can still easily access the contents without having to release the tie downs ...genious!!! Plus to top it off they are Ozi designed and made!!

Not suitable for motorbikes

Whilst I intended the box to be used on a farm bike to carry "stuff" around on the farm, it is just too large for the task. A 2/3rds size would have been perfect. It will still be used for camping supplies in the 4x4 as it is over-engineered to just use it to store things around the home in. Great product, but a smaller version would be welcomed.

So much room inside!

Purchased via expedition 134 website & extremely happy with the service 10/10. Box is being used as food storage while camping, perfect because it’s water & dust proof. Sturdy enough to stand or sit on & lockable so the kids can’t sneak any treats. Every time I open the box it surprises me how much room is inside. Will be purchasing more to replace the cheap Kmart boxes. My next box will be used as a fire wood storage box.

Top box

Great construction


I am pleased with the boxes, however a couple of points that would improve them.
1 the catches are a dog to open and close in cold weather especially the middle one a type of cam lock would be much better.
2 the seals are good however when I closed the boxes at 1100 metres I had to use a **** driver to pry the lid open when i returned to the coast, a bleed valve wound solve this problem

The best storage box!

I work for a 4WD accessory shop and found these boxes. After ordering some in for customers, I thought I'd give one a go and see what the hype was about. This would have to be the best storage box we have tried for our set up. Awesome seat, so much room inside to fit cooking equipment, kitchenware, pantry items (keeps them dry and cool) and whatever else we can fit in. Many of our friends have brought them since seeing how great ours are. Expedition134 have nailed the design of these!


I can't believe how great these are! Kept everything safe and dry. I'll be adding more to my collection. Super quick delivery and customer service is fantastic. Make sure you check one out

Heavy duty storage box

Great product. Well built, waterproof and a great design that allows easy tie down. This one makes number 4 in my collection now. Perfect for camping and storing valuable gear. Support Aussie products and you can't go wrong!!

Tougher than a Brickies Thumb

Expedition 134
Saw these boxes on a mate’s YouTube Channel, took the punt and ordered the 3 Pack of Expedition 134’s, they arrived super quick which was a great surprise, packaged very well. Unwrapped them and you could see and feel the quality of these Expedition 134’s, after clipping the Lids into place and locking it up, I was told these Lids can carry 120kg, so thought I’d give them a crack and jump up and down a few times, admittedly I’m not 120kg, but am on the 100kg side of the scale. Yes they flexed, but nowhere near to what I was expecting, very impressed. I then opened the Norweld Canopy on the Landcruiser and they fit and stack perfectly next to the fridge, making them very handy for your Dry ingredients to all be in the one place. Tied down on opposite corners to secure them and still have access to the box as there tie down points are away from the Lid to allow full access. I’ve allocated another of the Expedition 134 (Orange) and Labelled to hold all First Aid Equipment as well as two Fire Sentry’s and all packed in securely so when you need it it’s right there in front of you with a flip of the Expedition 134 Box. It’s good to know that all your First Aid is right at hand in “The Orange Expedition 134 Box” not if, but when needed.
The last I’ve used for Tackle Storage, using the Wilson Soft Plastic and Waterproof Tackle Storage, they stack on edge and fits 7 from need to end and another two lay flat on top, again the Expedition 134 can store your Tackle in the one spot neatly. That’s just 3 different uses for the Expedition 134 Boxes, and when I need to get a couple more, at least, for the Quadbike, or the Big Tinny, there is no need to look anywhere else as the Expedition 134 Boxes are spot on for what purpose I will use them for. 100% Australian Owned and Made Product, they’ve got my backing from here on, and look forward to seeing Expedition 134 bringing new products into the Market.

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