Freight fees?

Expedition 134 offers FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on all orders of our products. 


Assembly difficulties?

If you’ve bought some of the (“Expedition 134 Boxes” – new link to website) and are wondering how to attach or remove the lids and latches, this video is for you.

Due to the custom seal, some people have reported an initial difficulty getting the middle latch closed down once they have assembled the lids.  Rest assured, this is pretty normal and will come good as soon as the seals have been compressed for a while. The trick to getting it closed is to pull the tub upwards as you push down on the latch. It might be tough at first but it will close. Then leave the boxes closed for a 72 hrs or a few days to allow the seals to compress, and this issue will be a thing of the past.
Below we show the simple technique of getting the lids on and off.

Expedition 134 boxes have been designed for the outdoors. Whether you are touring the country, camping, boating or fishing, they can go where you can go. They are built to last and take a heap of punishment.

For anyone who is an Aussie based retailer and likes the idea of the (“Expedition 134 Boxes” – new link for new website) on your shelves, we can be contacted via our website, direct on email at or on 1300 397 134.


All orders are delivered on date identified in tracking information provided. There are some exceptions to this but all orders are delivered by 5pm.
Priority or express deliveries to business addresses should arrive by 5pm.
Please note that delivery windows are wider on big occasions such as Father’s Day, Christmas etc.
Workplaces should be delivered by 5pm and residential addresses delivered by 6pm. Note these times may be extended due to the volume sent on these occasions. Our drivers will do their best to deliver within these time frames but there may be situations beyond our control.

authority to leave?

Products will be left by default as Authority to Leave (ATL), and customers should leave a comment as to where to leave it when completing the order. If no agreement is made for Authority to leave then customers accept additional charges for redelivery.

what areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all major cities in Australia and most regional locations.

what happens if the recipient isn't home?

If the recipient isn’t at home, a few things will happen:

The courier will leave the goods at the front or back door if the recipient isn’t home and if there is a safe place to do so
If the driver is unable to leave the package, the box will be sent back to the relevant depot and a re-delivery can occur for an additional fee.

What happens if i provide you with the wrong address?

If you provide us with an incorrect address and we deliver your order as per your instructions, then we accept no responsibility for the mistake.

If we are unable to deliver to the address, the order is returned to base. We can redeliver the order at a charge of 50% of the original order cost plus the additional delivery charge.
If we are unable to re-deliver on the same day then you will need to arrange with the delivery company for collection at their depot or delivery at extra charge.

how much does a re-delivery cost?

50% of the original order cost plus the additional delivery charge.

po boxes or parcel lockers?

We cannot deliver to PO Boxes or parcel lockers.


Please contact us if you are a retailer and would like to stock our products.



For international inquiries please contact us on