Boating Storage Boxes

Improve Your Next Fishing Trip with Expedition 134’s Boating Storage Boxes

Nothing beats a day on the water, but without the right boating storage boxes to help you stay organised, you may find yourself wishing to be back on land before you’ve even got a bite on the line. Expedition 134 boating storage boxes make it easy to stay organised when you’re at sea, while also keeping your gear protected.

Lightweight and durable, they’re easy to load and designed to withstand the challenges of the ocean, with no hinges or other metal parts to rust and fail on you. With a range of colours available, our boating storage boxes allow you to divide and colour-code your bait, tackle and refreshments, so you’ll never find yourself grabbing a fish head when you’re reaching for a beer.


Prolonging the Life of Your Expedition 134 Boating Storage Box

To make sure your Expedition 134 boating storage box remains in pristine condition and continues to serve you for many adventures to come, a little care goes a long way. Cleaning around the seals helps to prevent the build-up of salt or other debris, retaining the box’s weatherproof qualities. Additionally, storing your boxes out of direct sunlight (either under cover in your boat or in your shed) when not in use will ensure their lasting durability and performance.

And if you need to transport your boating storage boxes, be sure not to over-tighten your straps when you secure them, as doing so can weaken the boxes over time – you want your straps to be taut, but not so tight that you risk damaging the box itself.

Why Expedition 134 is Australia’s Best Option When It Comes to Boating Storage Boxes

  • Spacious Interior: Their roomy design ensures you have plenty of room for all of your boating gear, from bait and tackle to life jackets and refreshments.
  • Easy Gear Management: Say goodbye to digging through endless boxes in search of what you need – with our six colour options, identifying your gear has never been easier.
  • Robust and Secure: With resilient and rust-proof latches, your gear remains protected from the elements in all conditions.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built with UV-stabilised plastic and weatherproof rubber seals, rest assured that your gear is protected, come rain or shine.
  • Puddle-Free Design: Our uniquely designed lids prevent water pooling, something you’ll often find with other boating storage boxes.
  • Multi-functional Lid: Strong enough to handle a 120kg load, you can use your box as a step, a seat, or even a table.
  • Stacking Made Simple: All Expedition 134 boxes are designed to lock together seamlessly, making them both stable and stackable.
  • Accessibility Mastered: Our revolutionary external tie-down points allow you to access your gear without having to undo your tie-down straps.
  • Cleaning Convenience: A sleek internal design coupled with no internal lips or ribs prevents liquid or debris from getting stuck inside and makes cleaning a breeze.

An all-in-one boating companion designed to withstand life on the water, the Expedition 134 boating storage box offers unmatched durability and performance. Organise your life and protect your gear on your next trip by putting your trust in Expedition 134.