Camping Storage Options

Camping Storage: Everything You Need for Your Next 4WD Camping Trip

If you’re currently in the process of planning your next big 4WD Camping trip, one of the things you can’t afford to overlook is storage. When it comes to your storage options, it’s vital to make sure you have all the bases covered. Camping is so much easier and a lot more comfortable when you have a variety of storage options that can cover your every need for the duration of your trip.

We’re going to look at all of the storage items you’ll want to consider taking with you on your next 4WD camping trip. There are so many solutions, as well as ways in which you can get creative to meet your storage needs during your camping trip. It’s time to look at all of those options now, so read on to find out more.

Camping Boxes

Camping boxes are vital when it comes to storing things during your camping trip. The benefit of using these boxes comes from the fact that they have a high capacity and as long as the box products are high-quality and manufactured by reputable companies, they’ll be very secure and durable. When you’re storing supplies, you want to know that they’re safe and protected from anything that might damage or compromise them. Camping boxes make that possible.

The best ones can be tied down at the corners so that they can be held securely in place. This doesn’t prevent them from being used, however, they remain functional as the lid won’t be tied down. It can be closed and locked securely, but also opened up and put to use whether it’s tied down or not. There are lots of storage boxes that offer that capability and it’s definitely a good option to have.

When buying camping boxes, remember to look for durability and it’s also important that they’re easy to clean. You never know what you might be storing inside them, so the ability to keep them clean is key, as is their ability to protect whatever you put inside. The very best camping storage boxes are more than capable of doing that.

Compression Sacks

Compression sacks are really useful for transporting and storing clothes, so be sure to make use of them on your next camping trip. Not only are they great at making your luggage smaller and compacting all those clothes down, but they can also allow you to keep clothes separate easily.

It’s easy for each person to take their own compression sack and use it to store their clothes. They come in a variety of sizes, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding camping sacks that work for your drip, no matter how long or short it might be.


If you’re going to be taking food and drink with you on your 4WD camping trip, you definitely need to make sure you take a cooler with you. It’s the only way to keep perishable food at the temperature it needs to be at, so make the most of them.

It’s easy enough to find a good cooler and they’re available in a wide variety of sizes, making them ideal for a range of different camping scenarios. Be sure to find one of your own for your next camping trip.

Plastic Drawer Organizers

Some simple plastic drawers that you can store or stack in the back of your vehicle can make for really good storage that’s both easy to put in place and really accessible. This is where you can store a range of small items that you have nowhere else to store.

If you have a decent-sized 4WD, the chances are you’ll be able to fit around 3 of these in the back of your vehicle and that offers you a lot of space that wouldn’t otherwise have been available to you. It’s definitely a storage option to consider.

Mesh Lofts

Mesh lofts are ideal for tents, so if you’re planning on sleeping in one, make the most of the space they offer. Mesh lofts attach to the roof of the tent at the highest point, and then you can store small items in the elevated mesh platform that’s created.

When buying a mesh loft, you should choose one that’s made of a durable fabric because if you do that, you’ll be able to be sure that the loft will hold up, even when being weighed down by heavy items that you need to store.

Tupperware Containers

For other food storage needs, you should take some tupperware containers with you. They’re great for keeping leftovers in, as well as other food items that don’t necessarily need to be kept chilled.

Keeping them in these kinds of containers will help to avoid any mess while you’re camping. And if you take a few of these tupperware containers with you, you can use them to store all kinds of things. They’re great for fishing bait if you like to do that while camping.

Folding Baskets

If you want storage options that also allow you to carry items with you, it’s a good idea to invest in some folding baskets. These are simple fabric baskets that you can use to store and carry things, but what makes them different is their ability to fold up.

Because they’re made of fabric, they can be packed up and folded away until they’re pretty much flat. This means they’re very easy to transport and don’t need to take up much of your valuable space when they’re not in use.

Fold Down Closets

If you really want to push the boat out and make sure that your clothes are safe and neat, you could take a fold down closet with you. They might not be the most necessary storage item you’ll take on your camping trip, but lots of people do find them useful,

Similarly to the folding baskets discussed above, fold down closets are made of fabric and they can be folded down and backed away very easily and conveniently. If you’re looking for a good way to store your clothes while camping, this might be the solution.

Pop-Up Trash Can

It’s easy to create a lot of waste when you’re camping, so what should you do with it? You certainly don’t want to litter and pollute the natural environments you’re enjoying, but you probably don’t want to take all the junk away with you in bags either.

Well, you could use pop-up trash cans. You simply put your trash in it and then zip it up so it’s secure and animals aren’t able to get into it or tip it over. It’s a great way to keep your trash separate from your clothes and other possessions.

Tidy Tent

If you need something a little bigger that’s going to keep all of your possessions in one place while you’re camping, you might want to consider a Tidy Tent. They’re large and look a lot like small tents.

It’s essentially a tent for your possessions that can be kept separate from any tent that you’ll be sleeping in during your camping trip. It’s certainly a good way to keep your possessions stored securely in one place while you camp.

Be sure to think carefully about which of these storage solutions might work for you. There’s no reason why they can’t all offer you something important in terms of your camping needs, and it’s never a bad thing to have plenty of options available to you when it comes to storing things while camping.

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