Long Term Storage Solutions: How to Protect Your Goods

When it comes to long term storage solutions, there are many mistakes one can make that often cause serious damage to your goods. For instance, the best long term storage containers are strong, reliable, lockable and weatherproof. If one of these elements is missing, it’s easy for your goods to be damaged or destroyed. You also need to consider maximising your space, as you’re often working with very small rooms, especially when disaster prepping.

Do you have secure storage solutions to protect your goods? Maybe you just need some prepper storage containers that will last? Check out our Australian-made Expedition134 heavy duty storage boxes. They’re weatherproof, lockable, stackable and proven to last for years in long term storage.

Want to know how to pack for long term storage and avoid basic mistakes? Here are nine tips to consider when preparing your storage.

Long Term Storage Tips

1. Never Use Plastic Bags for Long Term Storage

As tempting as it may be, never wrap your goods in plastic bags, especially your clothes. Plastic can collect moisture and mildew, which can ruin your possessions quickly with growth and rot. This is particularly relevant in Australia, with many of us residing near the coast and in humid environments.

2. Use Reliable Heavy Duty Boxes

The best long term storage solution needs to be strong and able to withstand heavy weights when stacking on top of each other. Prepper storage containers also need to be built to last years and maintain constant dust and leak proofing.

The Expedition134 heavy duty storage boxes possess these attributes and are also lockable and stackable. They’re the perfect secure storage solution, whether you’re storing precious goods, cleaning out your shed or prepping for potential disaster situations.

3. Ensure All Items Are 100% Dry

Make sure everything you’re storing is completely dry. This isn’t just for clothing; it’s important to check all furniture, kitchen items, paper, books and household items for any damp, mould or moisture. If any moisture gets into your storage, it can spread and cause rot and rust. We recommend putting all fabric items through your dryer before storing, or running a hairdryer over your items.

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4. Check for Insects

Check every item you’re storing for bugs and insects. We recommend spraying your items with insecticide if you think there’s a possibility of infestation. There’s nothing worse than storing your favourite jumper for summer, then taking it out of the box to discover it’s been eaten by moths. If you think something could be infested, throw it out.

5. Protect Your Valuables With Lockable Storage Boxes

Secure storage solutions are vital when storing your valuables, such as rare items, personal documents or heirlooms. Your boxes should have a secure latch that can be locked with a strong padlock. The Exhibition134 storage box includes a padlock point under the outer rim, so it won’t catch on other boxes. This is particularly important for prepper storage containers, which need to be secure from both animals and raiders.

6. Don’t Store Flammable Liquids

You should avoid storing flammable liquids, such as diesel fuel, kerosene or petrol. Best to give these away or throw out rather than potentially cause a disaster down the line. If you’re storing something that runs on fuel, such as a lawn mower, it’s important to drain the tank beforehand.

7. Wrap Breakable Bottles & Items

Long term storage can be risky for your breakable items, such as glass and china. All fragile items should be wrapped in paper, bubble wrap or soft material (like old sheets) before being stored. It may seem like a basic tip, but it’s often ignored with big consequences.

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8. Use Stackable Boxes to Save Space

Using stackable boxes as your secure storage solution helps keep your items off the ground (in case of floods) and save precious space in small rooms. This is key when preparing for disasters. The Expedition134 boxes are injection moulded which saves on weight and allows the design to incorporate a inter-lockable interaction feature between the lid and base of every box. This means they stack well and ensures each box fits securely on top of one another with even weight distribution. It’s a long term storage solution that won’t waste space.

9. Use Colour Coding to Identify Items Easily

Can you imagine having to rummage through your entire storage shed just to find that box of clothes or fishing supplies? A lot of long term storage setups don’t take into account that it might be a couple of years before you return for something. By that point your memory might be a bit hazy on where certain items are.

To make your life a little easier, we recommend using storage boxes with different colours. The Expedition134, for instance, comes in a range of colours, including Charcoal, Steel Grey, Fire Orange and Khaki. So you could store emergency supplies in a Fire Orange box, clothes in a Charcoal box, cooking items in a Steel Grey box and camping gear in a Khaki box. You’ll save a lot of time when it comes to finding your gear again.