Horse Tack Box Buyer’s Guide

Horse riding and horse care equipment are very expensive and you want to use these items up to their maximum lifespan. This means that you need to store them securely in a horse tack box that keeps them protected from everything from thieves to inclement weather.

Why Does the Horse Tack Box Matter?

You probably spent thousands of dollars on your saddle, harnessing, and horse care products. Now, the barn may appear a safe place, but you will not always keep these things snugly in there.   You may go on riding trips away from home or even take part in competitions. Thus, you have to move your valuable riding equipment and keep it outdoors or in places where you cannot control security. This is why you should choose your horse tack box with great care.   Here are the most important features and benefits of a reliable horse tack box:

1. Design

The best horse tack boxes offer generous storage space and feature simple, flat surfaces that are easy to clean. Dirt and mould can hide in tight angles and small crevices and then spread to your leather riding gear, damaging it beyond repair.   Simplicity is the most important thing to look for in the design of a horse tack box. You should be able to clean and drain it quickly and effectively, with no liquids or dirt left behind.

2. Material

As explained above, the horse tack box may be kept in various places. It may be safe in your barn, or outdoors, in the back of your open truck boot. This means that traditional wooden chests for keeping riding gear are no longer reliable, although they look great.   What you need is a horse tack box that does not have any wood or metallic parts, which can get severely damaged by weather. High resistance plastic is the most modern and reliable material. It does not rust, crack as a result of temperature variations, or absorb liquids. Make sure the material used is UV stabilised and is strong enough to step on.

Equestrian girls checking a tack box

3. Weatherproof

The horse tack box does not only need to be made of weatherproof material. It also must feature reliable seals that effectively block the access of humidity inside when the box is locked.   A reliable box has a high-quality seal – not even the finest particle of dust can get inside it. This is the guarantee you need that your horse riding items are protected.

4. Security

Nothing and no one should have access to your valuable equipment. To make sure of this, choose a horse tack box with an effective locking system. The locking system should be sufficiently reliable to give you peace of mind while keeping your box outdoors.   Professional horse tack boxes feature multiple locking points which are easy to use with a padlock.

5. Sturdiness

Horse tack boxes have to withstand wear and tear. They are moved from place to place, loaded and unloaded from trucks and – sometimes – they are dropped down by mistake. Thus, they need to have a sturdy build to endure the outdoor travel environment.   A good horse tack box can take all these kinds of abuse and more. Actually, you should be able to stand on the box and use it as a mounting ladder.      A horse tack box is not an ordinary storage box. It is used to store expensive items and has to endure a lot of wear and tear. Since you have invested so much in your riding gear, do not keep it in a cheap and unreliable box.   A reliable horse tack box is an investment in your own peace of mind and the ability to go horse riding anytime you want, knowing that your equipment is safe and in good condition whenever you need it.