Plastic Storage Box 55L

$198.00 inc GST

External Dimensions: (578mm L x 440mm W x 345mm H)
Internal Dimensions: (Tapers down to base)
Top: (501mm L x 381mm W x 288mm H)
Base: (497mm L x 356mm W x 288mm H)

Our flagship product, the Expedition 134 Plastic Storage Box 55L was born from years of adventure. Made in Australia from food-grade, UV-resistant, injection-moulded plastic, the Plastic Storage Box 55L is weather-proof, dust-proof, and designed to keep your gear safe and dry in Australia’s toughest conditions.

Featuring a lockable lid with metal-free hinges and external tie-down points, this box is the ultimate solution to all of your storage needs. Weight-rated to 120kg and with a unique moulded lid designed to interlock with its base, the Plastic Storage Box 55L can be stacked securely without risk of damage.

With six colour options for both the lid and body, it’s easy to colour-code your storage so you always know what’s in every box without having to look inside. Perfect for storing and transporting camping, 4×4 or equestrian gear, upgrade your setup today and ensure your gear remains protected, whatever the weather, with Expedition 134 plastic storage boxes.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Cairns
Awesome storage

Dealing with Expedition134 is easy and the guys are extremely helpful. Dispatch and delivery were fast. These boxes are STRONG, have the best seals on the market and are lightweight for their size. Seriously, you just can’t buy better!

Mark Farnham
Need to box for life

These are the best boxes I have used, strong, easy to handle, makes a good step and the colours match the ute.

Love them

Great size for me to lift in and out of my Ute. They stack so neatly and don’t move around. Well worth what I spent and can see I will be using them for a very long time

John Rerynolds
Multiple Use camping storage box

Great seal and very sturdy. Useful as a step to reach higher areas

Heavy Duty Storage Box - Tier One storage solution

There is always an element of not being sure exactly what you will receive when making an online order without first having physically seen / touched the item being purchased. In this case I watched the promo videos and read online reviews. All seemed very positive about the Expedition 134 Storage Boxes. So I went ahead and ordered two.

On opening the package I was very impressed with the construction quality, size and colour of the boxes ordered. I would have to say they exceeded my expectations from what I had seen online. They are very very solid, definitely water and dust proof and will surely last many many years. I use Front Runner Wolf boxes regularly and thought these were pretty good. The Expedition 134 boxes however are next level. I'm about to order another two, they are that good. Well done to Expedition 134 for producing an excellent Australian made product.