Telegraph Line: Issue 17

G’day all,


Welcome to another edition of the Telegraph Line. We are back from another production run and some time spent actually being able to put faces to names of some of our retailers and industry partners.

This was our biggest production to date with some 2000 Expedition 134 boxes produced. It was a busy time, but fortunately I was able to have the family with me for a few weeks before Kari headed back to work following maternity leave. This made the long and monotonous days conducting quality control a lot more enjoyable when returning to the accommodation. Young Angus, new to walking had a great time on the beaches despite the rainy weather.

Angus at Mudjimba Beach

Production was quickly followed by a 7 day isolation with the spicy cough and subsequent re-arrangements of meetings/catch ups etc. I had been lucky to avoid it so long, but we are all going to get it eventually. I was fortunate it did not knock me around as much as others.


I have now commenced some long service leave from my other full-time employment to go full time at Expedition 134. Definitely a career change moving into business full time. While I won’t miss juggling both things at once, it’s a big dive into the deep end going full time. There is something new to learn every day in this game, and I look forward to the challenges ahead.
In other news……

Expedition 134 has landed in the USA:

I am pleased to announce our container landed in the United States in May at Mule Expedition Outfitters in Seattle. Expedition 134 Boxes are available throughout the United States at Mule Expedition Outfitters and OK 4wd.

Mule Logo
30200 SE 79th ST
Suite 130
Issaquah WA 98027
Ok4wD est.1979 logo
2621 State Route 57
Stewartsville, NJ 08886, USA

Our Australian made boxes have made their way to a number of Expos in the US already. We are starting to see customers out and about with them in the United States.

US Images with the Boxes
For our US followers make sure you get in touch with either Mule Expedition Outfitters or OK 4wd.

Problems Solved:

Frustrated by Heavy Cumbersome Boxes?

If you have used the big heavy types of boxes, then you might already know they are a strong product but have some disadvantages too. One of them is their bulk and weight. These types of storage cases are known as a roto-moulded product. For those of us becoming more aware of the amount of weight we carry in our vehicles, we understand that it all counts towards our overall vehicle and trailer weight calculations. Beyond that they can be a pain to lift up into ute trays and onto roof racks.


To solve this, we designed the Expedition 134 box. We opted to use the Injection Moulding process, which would allow us to build in the features we wanted. Yes, injection moulds are much higher tech with all the precision moving parts and hydraulics, but we believe the end product is well worth it. Importantly injection moulding allowed us to be precise in creating a robust tough box without the unnecessary weight.


Did you know the Expedition 134 box weighs less than 4kg?

Expedition 134 box

Expedition 134 Retailer Network continues to Grow in Australia:

The Expedition 134 retailer network continues to grow throughout Australia and we would like to introduce the following retailers who have joined the Expedition 134 family:


Sydney, New South Wales:

Project Overlander Black Logo
2/40 Dunn Road,
Smeaton Grange
2567 NSW
(02) 7252 3989
[email protected]

We would like to welcome Steve and Jake from Project Overlander in Smeaton Grange, NSW. Steve and Jake have recently opened their new business working to provide solutions for your vehicle projects. Steve and Jake are not only working with us, but a great range of other companies including Camp King Industries and Scheel-man Australia to name just a couple. If you are looking to complete a project in Sydney then head on down to Project Overlander at Smeaton Grange.


Dubbo, New South Wales:

Red Dirt Camping
58 Victoria St Dubbo
NSW Australia
02 6885 5955
[email protected]

We would like to introduce those in the Dubbo region of NSW to Noel and Mel McNair the owners of Red Dirt Camping. They are an independent camping and outdoor store stocking a great range of quality gear. Noel and Mel are passionate campers and tourers who love to explore the great Australian outback. Red Dirt Camping’s catch phrase is to “Get it Dirty!” and they do their best to do this as often as possible.


We are pleased to be working with Noel and Mel to make our Expedition 134 boxes available to their avid campers.


Wudinna, South Australia:

Granite Country Outdoors

57 Valentine Street,
Wudinna, South Australia 5652

We are pleased to announce we are working with Granite Country Outdoors in Wudinna, South Australia. Steve Westlake has opened his brand new business in the last couple of weeks to provide a much needed go to place for your outdoor, 4wd and camping interests. Head on in and check out Steve’s new project.

Pink is the new Black:

The limited-edition Pink has been a great success and we are pleased to confirm this has become a standard colour available now to all our retailers who wish to stock this great looking Expedition 134 box.

Expedition134 Pink Box

Kari and I would like to thank all supporters of Expedition 134. We value your contributions big and small. We look forward to continuing to work with you into the future.


Nic ‘Macka’ McKenzie