Must Have Items to Keep in the Horse Tack Box

Your horse tack box says a lot about you as a horse owner and rider. The items you keep in this box are always needed in various circumstances.  We have prepared a list of indispensable items to keep in the horse tack box for beginner horse riders (with a few tips for the experienced rider too!).

Here is our list of recommendations:

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit should contain products needed both for humans and horses. Accidents can happen and you should be able to offer first aid to your horse or even to yourself or a riding partner, if needed.   The basic first aid kit must contain the following basic items:

  • Iodine solution Rubbing alcohol Cotton balls and gauze tape (including vet wrap) Elastic bandage Vaseline A pair of scissors First aid booklet Triangular bandages. Disposable gloves Thermal blanket Adhesive tape Dressing pads to help control bleeding and reduce the risk of infection. Bandaids Saline solution A pair of tweezers Plastic bags of varying sizes Notepad and pencil
Equestrian Kid sitting on Expedition134 box

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are among the most useful items to keep in your horse tack box. You should wear them anytime you clean the barn, groom your horse or attempt to disinfect a small wound.    You can never pack too many rubber gloves, honestly. They are one of the basic safety and personal protection items for horse owners.

Horse Grooming Kit

Your horse needs a lot of tender loving care to look his best. That majestic beauty you see on the turf is not just natural, but aided by many products such as:

  • Body brush Mane and tail brush Mane detangling spray Human hairbrush (or similar) Washcloths and grooming rags Coat conditioner Dry shampoo Hoof pick Curved scraper with a rubber edge Hoof pick (with a brush on the end) Pair of grooming gloves

You should always have these items handy in your horse tack box. Before and after every ride, your steed needs a little spa experience.

Equestrian Kids holding a horse tuck box

Harnessing Equipment

These are items to keep in the horse tack box and essential for your ride. They are quite expensive and need careful maintenance, so you should consider investing in a high quality horse tack box to protect them and ensure longevity. 

Many of these items are made of leather, which can be easily damaged by humidity, mold and fungi, so a quality tack box is essential to protect them from the elements.

Here are some of the must-have harnessing items to keep in a horse tack box:

  • Saddle Bridler Reins Splint boots Standing wraps Cinch or girth.

Emergency Accessories

In some cases, you may have an emergency at the stable. From extreme weather conditions to terrible accidents, these situations can happen, therefore be prepared with:

  • Torch Batteries Extra phone charger Blankets.


You love to experience the sensation of your hair flowing freely in the air. However, safety is more important than anything. A horse accident can have devastating consequences for the rider, including traumatic brain injury.

For this reason, your helmet must always be there in your horse tack box and you must also wear it every time you go for a ride.

Zip Ties

A small accessory can make a huge difference. Zip ties are life savers in so many situations. They are very easy to use and quite sturdy. Thus, you can use them for emergency repairs around the barn or to keep your hair out of the way in case you’ve forgotten your hairnet while you do some cleaning or horse grooming.

Finally, don’t forget to keep backup tack items in a separate horse tack box. You never know when you want to bring a friend horse riding or if one of the items you relied on is actually damaged or missing. 

It’s always better to err on the safe side and have more items than you believe you need!