Must-Have Fishing and Boat Accessories for a Great Trip

Going fishing is loads of fun! And for some people, it also has a practical side.


Truth be told, the best tasting fish is the one you caught yourself. However, before you launch your boat and start on your own fishing adventure, make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment and accessories. 


In our latest article, we cover the must-have fishing and boat accessories to bring with you including the basics, safety equipment and the right gear to ensure a safe and successful day out.

Life Jackets

The most important thing to consider is your own safety and your fellow fisherman’s safety. Accidents can happen in an instant such as a sudden wave while you are bending to secure your catch, and you may be thrown overboard. 


This is why Life Jackets are among the must-have fishing and boat accessories that you should always bring with you. You should ensure they comply with the relevant regulations and Australian standards. For more information on the regulations surrounding life jackets head to


During a fishing trip, you need to know your exact position at all times. Each year far too many boaters end up as statistics, and it can happen all too easily and frighteningly quickly.


An EPIRB is a critical piece of safety equipment for crew and passengers. They are crucial especially if you find yourself on a sinking or capsized vessel, in a fire, collision or vessel grounding. If you find yourself in trouble, distress beacons are detected using the a satellite system, and help is despatched immediately.


The type of EPIRB you need depends on vessel class, length, flotation and operating area, so ensure you purchase the one right for your needs. For more information, visit the Australian Maritime Safety Authority website here.

Strong Storage Boxes

Storage boxes help you to organise your fishing gear, accessories and even your food during the trip. Any fisherman will tell you that it is very important to have quick access to everything, while keeping the deck tidy.


Strong  and lightweight storage boxes are the answer to both issues. They can be safely tied down and offer you quick access to the contents. A quality 4wd storage box can withstand the elements, offer impact resistance and protect the items inside. Ideally, it should have a customised weather-proof seal that ensures your gear is protected from dust, weather, insects, and rodents. Although this is not a common feature, it’s essential to ensure you have reliable storage boxes that protect and ensure longevity of your belongings.

Telescopic Boat Hook

Boat hooks help you bring your fishing boat close to the pier in order to secure it. Standard hooks equipped on the boat are not always the best choice as often you need to overreach in order to secure your boat – a potential risk of falling in the water.


A telescopic boat hook solves this problem. All you have to do is estimate the distance, and set the right length. 


Simple and effective – just like all great things!


Every fishing trip ends up with a catch (hopefully!), and we will just assume that it’s great and worthy of Instagram photos. But, as you well know, fish are extremely perishable and can cause severe food poisoning if it is even slightly spoiled.


To bring your catch home safely and be able to cook it and enjoy with your family, you need reliable eskies packed with ice. There a plenty of esky options out there these days, but we are a fan of the original Evakool fibreglass style, yet to have one better.

Electronic Fish Finder

Always be where the fish are with the help of modern technology! 


A fish finder is a device that uses sonar technology to identify fish and other objects underwater. They help detect a fish school and provide various underwater information, such as water depth, distribution of fish school, and the condition of the seabed.


Finally, make sure that you are prepared with protective clothing for inclement weather. 


Also ensure you are carrying a comprehensive first aid kit onboard. You can find a comprehensive first aid supplies checklist by St John’s Ambulance here.


With these must-have’s, just pack your favourite rods, reels and head out on the water. Don’t forget the bait …..